Gary Floyd Benefit in Austin

30 Sep

garybenefitGary Floyd is perhaps best known as the ribald, bellicose blues-punk hollerer for the infamous Dicks out of Austin’s dank and dirty backside of rock’n’roll during the late 1970s and early 1980s, when they tried to pummel through the new wave night with their terror vision of raw sex and untraditional Marxism — more of a sardonic style via Grouch Marxo than Karl Marx.  Floyd was the leader of the pack, ferociously funny, hell-bent, and uncanny. Sure, the band imploded, so he rebirthed  an even more agile musical version of the Dicks in San Francisco, part of which eventually morphed into the alternative rock behemoths Sister Double Happiness, who were especially popular in Europe. Their sizzling records explored trad rock’s muscularity, the knee-bending experimentation of alt rock, and the front porch homegrown roots rebellion of Americana, all with equal footing and aplomb.  Later, Floyd unveiled the blues warped Gary Floyd Band,  the acid-rock spiritual fury of Black Kali Ma, and other solo projects that have highlighted his long-term commitment to making honest, heartfelt music that does not bend to hipster trends. Recently, right after being featured in my book Left of the Dial, he’s undergone some costly medical procedures and a rent crisis (eviction), all within a short frame of time. Luckily, Jeff Smith (of Hickoids uber cow-punk fame) has stepped up to the challenge and incorporated a Gary Floyd Benefit right smack dab in the middle of his lauded Austin Corn Lover’s Fest, an annual rite/week of debauchery. Plus, he’s offering a special deal on Saustex goodies, with proceeds to benefit Floyd as well, so visit their homepage. David Yow will be fronting the former Dicks in the form of the newly crowned David Yow and the Dildos, which makes for a volcanic stew of mind-bending versions of their barbed-wire back catalog! Be there for the deluge… As Smith describes the melee to come: If this once in a lifetime pairing isn’t enough reason to show up there is ample support from a host of locals: “The Pocket FishRmen — Austin’s long running sci-fi punk metal gawds–made notorious by John Peel’s love of their “Amy Carter” single; The Gay Sportscasters — Austin’s roots punk answer to The Happy Mondays; El Pathos play scorching countrified moto-punk; Butthole Surfers bassist and Honky frontman Jeff Pinkus fresh off The Melvins’ 30th anniversary tour waxes country with Pure Luck; Hickoids bassist Rice fronts the dual drum attack of Rice Moorehead & His Ladies; Scorpio Rising creep underground dance grooves; San Antonio’s Dark Planes will pop an LSD laced Memphis lo-fi cap in your ass to start things off.”


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