Jack Johnston’s Pola-Reds: Confections from the Edge

28 May


Help support the Kickstarter fund for Jack Johnston’s very exciting, San Francisco-centric Polaroid self-portraiture book. As his site tells, “I have kept these images undercover for the last few decades, literally in a shoe box under the bed. When a friend asked if I had photographs, after we’d watched Gus Van Sant’s Milk, from my time in San Francisco, these Polaroids are what I shared. (In that instance, it was fun to note that the costume design for Emile Hirsch’s portrayal of Cleve Jones in the film matched clothing I wore!). I began scanning the images with recycled cardboard backings, some of which were published in the anthology, Re-Pulped, from Gay City Health Project. A triptych of images was selected for the exhibit, Instant Joy, to coincide with the Polaroid Corporation’s auction of their photo collection.”

Johnston has recently provided some key images from the Deaf Club and other punk venues of the late 1970s, which will be posted here soon. So, take a look at his worthy project!


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