The Pound No. 1

8 Nov

RKL, Dr. Know, Deceased, China White, At War, Cell Block 5, Mercury Legion, and Retox at The Pound, 2005, provided by Lisafer

Gilman St. No. 75

6 Nov

Moe!kestra!, Monopause, Pendulum, Iron Ass, and Spezza Roto at Gilman St., 2000

Gilman St. No. 74

4 Nov

The Dairy Queens, The Phantom Limbs, The Missing Cousins, The Pilgrims, and Off Balance at at Gilman St., 2001, from Collective Chaos

Social Unrest in Punk Globe!

3 Nov

Social Unrest in Punk Globe, Jan. 1982, by Erich Mueller

Gilman No. 73

1 Nov

Kill the Messenger, The PAWNS, Phoenix Thunderstone, Lesser of Two, the Sugarlips, and Dori Tourette and the Skirtheads, at Gilman St., 2001, from Collective Chaos

Econochrist and Monsula in Davis!

25 Oct

Econochrist, Monsula, Wig Torture, and No Restraint at Vets Memorial Hall in Davis

Toxic Reasons on Tour

24 Oct

Toxic Reasons at City Gardens in Trenton, NJ